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E. Aberg – Invisible Music Records


Jones St. – A new CD by Mark Kleinhaut & Neil Lamb

There is something about the intimacy of a duet setting that brings out the positively extramusical. Fellow six-string aficionados will marvel at the intricacy and depth of expression that these two accomplished guitarists were able to achieve on this strictly off-the-cuff offering. That kind of musical telepathy is rare indeed. -Bill Milkowski

Bert Seager

Bert Seager’s newest release “Lima Beans” features Jorge Roeder on bass and Jorge Perez Alebela on drums. Click the cover or more information and to purchase a copy.

KJB – Near and Far

near_far1 This is the third CD of the KJB band. All three musicians share a similar feeling for groove and dynamics and their time together shows in their intuitive musical rapport.